Wildlife Exclusion Service To Keep The Wildlife Under Control

Wildlife Exclusion Services in Toledo

Keeping Wildlife Out of Your Ann Arbor Property

Frame's Wildlife Control knows all too well that removing animals from your home is just one piece of the wildlife control puzzle. That is why in addition to our trapping, control, and removal solutions, we offer expert habit modification and exclusion services to prevent wildlife from ever returning to your property. Our licensed and highly trained technicians utilize multiple techniques, including sealing up entry points and reducing shelter areas—that are designed specifically for your property’s needs and wildlife concerns. Our experts perform exclusion services for homes and businesses throughout Toledo, Ann Arbor, and throughout Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. We offer same-day appointments to restore your peace of mind in no time!

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Fortifying Homes Against Wildlife

Our team at Frame's Wildlife Control has the training and experience to quickly pinpoint the offending animal and generate a customized plan of defense. We pair our knowledge of wildlife biology and habits with our innovative exclusion techniques to prevent even the smallest rodents from entering your space. Exclusion is ultimately a safe, effective, humane, and affordable way to reduce the likelihood of animals getting in.

We inspect and offer exclusion solutions for your entire property, including:

  • Vents: Plumbing, exhaust, and roof vents can be lightweight and flimsy, making them easy pickings for animals like rodents, bats, and raccoons. Our team can install vent covers or screens to properly seal these spaces.
  • Chimneys: Even small chimney openings can be appealing for nesting birds or roosting bats, so our technicians can provide chimney caps and screens to minimize this.
  • Sidings: Our team will repair any holes found in siding and reinforce areas that might be vulnerable.
  • Porch and decks: Sealing potential entry points and installing rat walls around the bae can prevent animal entry.
  • Roofs, attics, and soffits: Small gaps and holes can be made bigger by the chewing and gnawing of wildlife, so caulking or sealing these holes will discourage entry.
  • Plumbing, cable, and power line entry points: These all-important utility systems often pass through your foundation and behind walls, meaning that if there are any gaps present, you could have wildlife enter your home without ever seeing them, leading to more potential for damage. Our team will inspect and seal these gaps.

A Reputation for Excellence

Since 1972, Frame's Wildlife Control has been offering safe, effective, humane, and environmentally friendly wildlife exclusion services to residential and commercial properties throughout Toledo, Ann Arbor, and surrounding areas. We understand that even small holes in a vent or soffit can act as a welcoming sign for curious wildlife, so our specialists work hard to ensure your property is fully protected. We want to be by your side in a flash, so we provide fast response times, same-day appointments, and flexible scheduling. Whether your home is exposed to bats, raccoons, rats, or other type of animal, you can count on us to deliver high-quality and personalized exclusion solutions.

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