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Squirrels are one of the most common urban mammals we encounter, and while most of the time, these animals avoid humans, they can become quite a nuisance if they deem your property as a viable living space. Hiding in walls or attics, gnawing on electrical wires, emptying bird feeders, and stripping vegetation, it is surprising how much damage squirrels can cause. Our trained specialists at Frame's Wildlife Control are here to rid your property of squirrels and other rodents with fast and effective control and exclusion methods. We offer same-day appointments, upfront pricing, and industry-leading techniques to get your property back to normal in no time. Our squirrel control services are available to residential and commercial properties throughout Toledo, Ann Arbor, and surrounding areas.

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Damage Caused by Squirrels

In general, squirrels want to be left alone, and pose no threat to humans. However, if they feel cornered or are sick, they can bite or scratch humans or pets. Aside from this rare behavior, squirrels pose a greater risk to your property, causing problems such as:

  • Property damage: Squirrels tend to only enter homes when they are seeking shelter and warmth. They can pry up or gnaw on roofing, siding, and mesh in order to enter your attic or walls.
  • Fire hazards: One of the most identifiable features of squirrels is their two large incisors. They will use them to chew on a variety of items, including wires and cables, exposing wires and leading to fire hazards.
  • Lawn damage: While not as notorious as groundhogs for digging, squirrels can dig up lawns and gardens in order to hide their food. These holes can leave an unsightly lawn or cause harm to animals who step in this loose ground.
  • Tree destruction: Certain squirrels will pry up tree bark and strip coverings of vegetation. This can reduce the health of these plants.

Frame's Wildlife Control Rids Your Home of Squirrels

Our professionals at Frame's Wildlife Control have nearly 50 years of wildlife control experience and have the training, equipment, and expertise to rid your property of squirrels quickly and safely. When you call, you can count on our team to arrive on time, perform a detailed inspection, effectively remove the rodents, and offer exclusion and habit mitigation solutions to prevent squirrels from returning. We are a family-owned company that treats every customer as if you were a part of the family—always performing service with the utmost care, respect, and attention to detail. From Toledo to Ann Arbor and everywhere in between, we help properties take their space back from squirrels.

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