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Groundhog Control in Toledo

Ann Arbor Woodchuck Removal

Groundhogs, also known as woodchucks, are large rodents closely related to squirrels. However, unlike squirrels, who specialize in climbing, groundhogs are built for digging. In fact, they are capable of creating tunnels over 50 feet long with up to five separate entrances. This extensive tunneling can undermine the foundation of your home and cause livestock, like cows and horses, to break their legs if they accidentally step into the holes.

Our wildlife control professionals at Frame's Wildlife Control are here to rid your property of these damaging rodents, and we offer expert groundhog trapping and removal services to homes and businesses throughout Toledo, Ann Arbor, and surrounding areas. We utilize the most effective and humane solutions to rid your property of groundhogs fast, often able to arrive at your property the day you call.

To learn more about our groundhog or woodchuck solutions, call us today at (833) 948-3132.

Preventing Groundhogs from Invading Your Space

Trapping is the most effective method of groundhog removal, and our team is knowledgeable on the latest laws and regulations for groundhog removal in both Ohio and Michigan. We will not only walk you through our trapping and removal process, but also offer suggestions on how to avoid groundhog infestations in the first place through habit mitigation and exclusion methods.

3 ideas for keeping groundhogs from returning:

  1. Installing fences around your garden or property
  2. Sealing any holes in your deck or patio
  3. Eliminating woodpiles and overgrown vegetation

Frame's Wildlife Control Is Here to Help!

Our team understands that you’ve worked hard to create a property you are proud of, and woodchucks tearing up gardens, tunneling under your home, and causing harm to livestock is the last thing you want. That is why we work quickly to safely trap groundhogs—always treating your home with the utmost care and respect. We offer same-day appointments to restore your peace of mind as soon as possible. With fast response times, industry-leading methods, and unparalleled customer service, Frame's Wildlife Control has become one of the most trusted names in wildlife control, and we are ready to rid your home of groundhogs today!

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