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Chipmunks can often be confused with squirrels, as they are from the same family. However, these cute critters are generally smaller, and often have black and white stripes down their backs. While cartoons like Alvin and the Chipmunks might further our perception of these animals as harmless, chipmunks can actually cause a great deal of harm to your property. If you think you might be sharing your property with a chipmunk, reach out to our team at Frame's Wildlife Control for fast, effective, and environmentally friendly control services. We offer expert chipmunk control solutions to homes throughout Toledo, Ann Arbor, and the greater Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan area.

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Signs That You Have a Chipmunk Problem

Due to their speed and quietness, chipmunks are hard to spot. Your yard may be infested with chipmunks and you are unaware of it. Below are some suggestions for identifying a chipmunk infestation.

  • Is there any evidence that something has eaten your plants, flowers, and fruits in the garden or flower beds? It could be chipmunks. Keep an eye out for damage to your flower beds and gardens if chipmunks are burrowing in them.
  • You may spot chipmunk footprints in your yard if you've got a chipmunk problem. In the front feet of chipmunks, there are four toes, while on their hind feet there are five. Be on the lookout for prints in the dirt around your house, garden or shed.
  • Chipmunk tunnels under your walkways and house foundation - This could be evidence that chipmunks are building tunnels underneath your home. To prevent structural damage, you should address a chipmunk infestation as soon as you notice tunneling around your home.
  • The sound of chirping high in the air - Is there a chipmunk in your home? A high-pitched chirping noise that sounds like "chip chip" can be heard. When you find a chipmunk in your home, make their escape as easy as possible. You do not want them in your house more than they do.

We Keep Chipmunks from Re-Entering Your Home

Chipmunks can cause property, lawn, and garden damage thanks to their digging ability and large appetites. Their burrows can be many feet long and buried deep beneath your home, creating weakened ground under your property—potentially leading to structural damage. While small, chipmunks are also known for their voracious appetites, snacking on fruits and vegetables, seeds, bird feed, and grass—which can cause a severe amount of lawn and yard damage.

Our team at Frame's Wildlife Control wants to not only rid your property of chipmunks, but also keep them out through expert exclusion methods and habit adjustment suggestions. We will perform a thorough inspection of your property, seal small entries, and install deterrents. Additionally, we offer ways to make your property less appealing to chipmunks, like removing woodpiles and debris around your property and removing feed and seed blocks from the ground.

Ann Arbor’s Chipmunk Trapping & Removal Specialists

Our Toledo and Ann Arbor experts at Frame's Wildlife Control are trained to locate where chipmunks are hiding, remove them from your property, and exclude them from reentering your home. We are qualified and highly trained, with nearly 50 years of industry experience. Whether you are dealing with a single chipmunk, a group of chipmunks, or you simply notice burrows around your home and are unsure about the wildlife making them, our specialists can help. We proudly serve the entire Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan area, and are standing by to get your home chipmunk-free in no time.

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