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Raccoons are one of the most commonly found nuisance animals. Although they may look adorable, you don’t want to share your home or yard with them. These clever bandits, sometimes referred to as “trash pandas”, can carry disease, cause structural damage, and create a mess. Luckily, our team at Frame's Wildlife Control is here to solve even the most extensive raccoon issues. Our technicians have nearly 50 years of experience and offer expert raccoon trapping, removal, and control services to homes throughout Toledo, Ann Arbor, and surrounding areas.

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Are Raccoons Dangerous?

A raccoon's reputation is somewhat mixed. Animals that help the other animals are often shown as furry, lovable creatures in cartoons. Real-life and online, they have developed reputations as feisty, dirty, and dangerous. Raccoons do present certain risks to humans and pets as the latter description is more accurate. Nevertheless, raccoons are not as dangerous as their reputation implies. With preventative measures and common sense, you can avoid them altogether.

Do Raccoons Hibernate?

The raccoon doesn't actually hibernate. In cold Toledo weather, it hunkers down. As winter approaches, they eat as much as they can to accumulate fat, and their coats become thicker so that they can withstand the cold. As they hunt for food, raccoons can be particularly pestiferous. Garbage cans are turned over and lawns are dug up looking for grubs. Tracking down raccoons in your yard now can be a good idea, before they settle into their dens and before they give birth.

Damage Caused by Raccoons

While raccoons typically prefer building dens in heavily wooded areas, more and more often, raccoons are creating dens in attics, chimneys, under homes, and in outbuildings. They have their young in spring and can have up to 6 cubs per litter, meaning a single raccoon can quickly turn into a full infestation.

Strange noises like thumping, whining, or scratching at night, as well as the presence of urine or droppings in your attic are signs that you are sharing your home with raccoons and that you need to contact our professionals right away. Waiting to handle this wildlife issue can quickly lead to a variety of problems, including:

  • Electrical and insulation damage
  • Spread of diseases, including rabies and roundworms
  • Damage to roofs, siding, crawlspaces, or decks
  • Harm to small pets

Why Choose Frame's Raccoon Removal Specialists in Toledo?

If you suspect raccoons in your home, reach out to Frame's Wildlife Control. We will perform a detailed inspection of your space, walk you through your options, and then get to work trapping and removing these animals. In addition to raccoon removal in Toledo, we offer comprehensive exclusion solutions, so you don’t have to deal with wildlife invading your property again. We want for you to only call our team once, so we will go above and beyond to ensure your complete safety and comfort the first time. When you need high-quality raccoon control services in Toledo, Ann Arbor, or any of the surrounding areas, choose our qualified technicians at Frame's Wildlife Control.

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