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Opossums or possums are small to medium-sized marsupials about the size of a house cat. When threatened, they will hiss or pretend to be sick or dead, a behavior known as “playing possum.” Sometimes, opossums create dens under decks and patios or enter homes through open pet doors. These creatures are scavengers, so they often raid garbage cans and dumpsters, but they also hunt and eat insects, rodents, birds, and even chickens.

Many people want to get rid of opossums because their dens can cause property damage, they have a distinctive, unpleasant odor, and they scamper around and hiss at people. Occasionally, opossums will also raid chicken coops.

If you need help removing a possum or family of possums from your Ann Arbor property or Toledo home, look no further than Frame's Wildlife Control. We will handle your opossum problem at a fair price, and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

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What’s the Difference Between a Possum and an Opossum?

The Virginia opossum is the only species of marsupial native to the United States and Canada, and the term “opossum,” is a Powhatan word for “white dog,” or “dog-like beast.” Many people refer to Virginia opossums simply as opossums, and some people refer to these creatures as possums or even ‘possums, with an apostrophe to indicate the dropped ‘o.’ The idiom, “playing possum,” refers to the Virginia opossum’s involuntary stress response when threatened or scared (see above).

When you are referring to a Virginia opossum, any term is technically correct with context because there should be no confusion about what creature you are talking about — particularly if you live in Ann Arbor, MI or Toledo, OH and you have opossums on your property!

That being said, there is an animal in Australia, New Guinea, Sulawesi, New Zealand, and China known as the common brushtail possum. Australian possums are marsupials, but they mainly reside in trees, and they look very different from North American opossums, ‘possums, or possums!

While we don’t know much about getting rid of common brushtail possums, we are experts in removing Virginia opossums in Ann Arbor and Toledo!

Frame's Wildlife Control has been solving your opossum problems for over 45 years.

Are Opossums Dangerous to Humans?

Even though they have 50 sharp teeth, opossums are unlikely to bite. As The Humane Society of the United States explains:

Opossum are not aggressive: their open-mouth, defensive hissing is merely a bluff to look vicious.”

Still, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reminds us that close contact with wildlife or their urine or droppings is never a good idea. Because of their hissing, smells, and behavior, many people do not like having opossums around, either.

If an opossum gets into your house, you can close all the doors to bedrooms and bathrooms and open the door to the outside. Because opossums are not aggressive, you can even gently nudge the opossum towards the outside with a broom.

Will a Possum Attack You?

Possums are not known for attacking. Possums are known to be quite gentle and docile, though dogs and cats are sometimes involved in fights with them. Possums avoid being cornered like any other wild animal. More likely than using an aggressive tactic, they will flee or play possum. Additionally, possums are nocturnal and most active at night, so there is less chance for children and household pets to come into direct contact with them. As a result, children should be taught to avoid possums and other wild animals.

If the opossum keeps coming back or has a den under your deck or patio, do not hesitate to give us a call. We can remove the opossum with our expert wildlife control services and keep possums from coming back with our unmatched wildlife exclusion services!

Solve Your Opossum Problem with Frame's Wildlife Control

While gardeners may like opossums on their property because they enjoy snacking on snails, slugs, and insects, most people do not want a hissing marsupial under their front porch or digging through their garbage. Additionally, having an opossum around can cause dogs to bark and be truly harmful to families who own chickens.

Whatever your reason for getting rid of opossums, Frame's Wildlife Control can help. Our business is family owned and operated, and our team is responsive to your needs.

We offer honest, knowledgeable service at an affordable price, and our customers love us.

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