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“Clever as a fox” is a phrase for a reason. These beautiful and adaptable animals can be a nuisance for property owners thanks to their tendency to dig up lawns, harm chickens and small pets, and potential for spreading disease. Our Toledo wildlife control team at Frame's Wildlife Control is here to put your mind at ease with effective and humane fox trapping and removal solutions. Our management team is available for same-day appointments and offer our wildlife control services to property owners throughout Toledo, Ann Arbor, and surrounding areas.

To learn more about our fox trapping solutions, call our Toledo animal wildlife team today at (833) 948-3132.

What Types of Foxes are Living in Toledo & Ann Arbor?

There are four different types of foxes living in North America, with two species residing in Ohio and Michigan: The red fox and the grey fox. Because foxes are members of the Canidae family, they can sometimes be mistaken for dogs or coyotes. Luckily, our Toledo wildlife removal team has nearly 50 years of wildlife experience and can accurately identify whether or not a fox has invaded your property.

While red foxes and grey foxes are very similar, they do differ in a few ways:

  • Grey foxes tend to have salt-and-pepper colored fur while red foxes are generally red, orange, or light brown in color.
  • Red foxes are bigger than grey foxes.
  • Grey foxes have a black stripe running along the tail, while red foxes have a white-tipped tail.

Will a Fox Attack a Dog?

Dogs are rarely attacked by foxes. In recent years, small dogs and puppies have been attacked by foxes in yards and gardens. Although foxes rarely approach dogs, they might defend themselves if cornered by a dog. If you've recently spotted or heard rumor of frequent fox visits in your area, it is best to only let your dog outside when monitored closely.

Toledo Canid Removal Experts

Our wildlife control specialists at Frame's Wildlife Control are experts in our field, and we continue to stay up to date on the latest protections offered to foxes, so you can count on our live trapping and removal services to be safe and effective.

How to Remove Coyotes From Your Property?

If it turns out that it is not a fox on your property in Toledo or Ann Arbor, our animal wildlife team also have the capacity to handle professional coyote removal. We believe in performing every service with the utmost care and attention to detail, so you—and your pets and livestock—can feel safe on your property.

Looking to remove foxes from your property? Call us today at (833) 948-3132 or fill out our quick and easy online form.

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